• This document refers to the processing and protection of personal data of the Users of: Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”).
  • By using the, You accept the rules stated in the Privacy Policy which can be found on this site.I. GENERAL INFORMATION II. GLOSSARY III. PERSONAL DATA ADMINISTRATOR IV. DATA COLLECTION V. PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING
      • As the owner of the Website, Krynica Vitamin S.A., headquartered in Warsaw, (hereinafter also referred to as “Krynica Vitamin” or “the Company”) reserves the right to implement changes to the Privacy Policy, which can be influenced by the development of Internet technology, the potential changes in law regarding personal data protection and the development of our internet Website. We will inform You of all changes in a visible and comprehensive manner. The potential changes to the Privacy Policy shall not affect the fundamental rule of the Company, i.e.: Krynica Vitamin does not sell or distribute the personal data of its Website Clients/Users to third parties (unless it results from the provisions of an official source of universally applicable law).
      • Krynica Vitamin S.A. respects the right to privacy of all the Users of the Website, and especially ensures the protection of their personal data and applies appropriate organizational, technical and technological measures to prevent interference in the privacy of the Users by third parties. Actions of the Company are directed at guaranteeing the sense of complete security to the Users at the level adequate to the provisions of applicable law, and especially of:
        • Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council from April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation),
        • Personal Data Protection Act of May 10, 2018,
        • Rendering of Electronic Services Act of July 18, 2002,
        • Telecommunications Act of July 16, 2004,
        as well as any implementing acts and other sources of national and EU law referring to personal data protection.
      • Krynica Vitamin informs that external links can be placed in the framework of the Website, which allow its Users to directly reach other websites, and that when using the Website, Cookies from other entities may be present on your device, especially from providers such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and LinkedIn in order to allow you to use the functions of the Website integrated with those sites. Each provider states the rules of Cookies use in their Privacy Policy, and thus Krynica Vitamin does not have any authority with respect to the privacy policy pursued by those providers and the use of Cookies.
      • For safety reasons, Krynica Vitamin advises every User to read the document on privacy policy and Cookies use before accessing the resources offered by other websites if they are available, and if not, to contact the Administrator of each website in order to obtain such information.
      • Cookie – is a small file saved on the User’s computer by the server, that can be read by the server when connecting with this computer again.
      • System Log – is information passed to the server by the User’s computer during each connection, that may contain various data (such as IP number), which can be used to track the location of the connection more or less precisely.
      • IP Address – is an individual number of every Computer connected to the Internet. An IP number can be permanently assigned to a given computer (static) or assigned only to a given connection (dynamic).
      • The Personal Data Administrator, i.e. the entity who decides how the personal data of the Website Users’ is gathered and used is:

        Krynica Vitamin S.A. based in Warsaw
        KRS: 0000378184, NIP: 5242442164, share capital: 18,377,719.50 PLN

        Registered office:
        ul. Matyldy 35
        03-606 Warsaw

        Correspondence address:
        ul. Karkonoszy 8
        03-581 Warsaw
        Phone.: +48 (22) 743 83 90
        Fax: +48 (22) 675 98 26
      • Within the scope of usage of the Website by the User, we store only http enquiries addressed to the server. The visited resources are identified through URL address and refer to the:
        • public IP address of the terminal equipment from which the enquiry arrived,
        • name of the User station – identification is performed through http protocol if possible,
        • Username stated during the authorization process,
        • time of arrival of the enquiry,
        • first line of the http request,
        • http response code,
        • amount of data sent by the server,
        • URL address of a site previously viewed by the User (the so-called referer link) – in case of accessing the Website through an external link,
        • browser data of the User,
        • information about the errors that occurred during the execution of a http transaction.
      • The above-mentioned data is not associated with specific persons browsing the Krynica Vitamin Website.
      • The Website does not collect any information automatically, except for the information contained in Cookies. Such information is used, among others, for managing the Website, identifying possible security threats, analyzing the aggregate User traffic and for statistical purposes.
      • In order to access certain features of the Website, the User may be asked to provide their personal data such as:
        • first and last name,
        • name of the company,
        • e-mail address,
        • phone number,
        • text to be contained in the contact message.
      • Providing the above-mentioned data is not obligatory, although it may not be possible to use the Website to its full extent without sharing such information.
      • User’s data collected by the Website may be used to adjust the Website’s contents accordingly to the User’s needs and to respond to a User’s enquiry made using the contact form.
      • The collected personal data of the Users is not forwarded to any international organizations nor to other countries. The personal data may be processed by other entities in accordance with EU law or the national law.
      • The data may be forwarded to other public entities only if:
        • they are authorized to do so in accordance with applicable regulations,
        • they enforce the legal obligation incumbent on the personal data administrator,
        • the processing is necessary to perform a task to be carried out in public interest,
        • the data is used to exercise public authority transferred to the personal data administrator.
      • The personal data collected through forms, in cases when the User agrees to do so, is processed for the purpose and for the period necessary to properly perform the task.
    • The User’s rights in relation to the Administrator concerning data processing

      The User, in relation to the processing of their data, is authorized to:
      • access the data,correct the data,stop or limit data processing,delete all data,transfer the data,object,obtain information provided upon request – whether data is processed and other matters defined in Article 15 of GDPR, including the right to make a record of the data,obtain information concerning data protection breach,lodge a complaint to the supervisory authority in connection to personal data protection – President of DPA.
      • The Website, in accordance with Article 173 of the Telecommunications Act, uses Cookies, i.e. data files, and in particular text files, which are stored in the User’s terminal equipment. Cookies usually contain the website’s address, storage time on the terminal equipment and a specific number.Cookies files are used to:
        • help the User in navigating the Website;associate the User with the device on which the data has been saved, in the event of reconnecting with the Website;create statistics which help to understand how the Website Users use the websites, which enables the improvement of their structure and contents;adjust the contents of the Website to the User’s preferences and optimize the use of websites already adjusted to the needs of the User;
        The information is not linked to the Website User’s personal data in any way nor is it used to determine the identity of the User. The scope of automatically collected information depends on the User’s internet browser settings. The User should check their internet browser settings in order to know which data is shared automatically and, if necessary, change the settings. To do so, please see the “Help” tab of your browser.It is possible to change the way of storing or receiving cookies by configuring the settings of Internet browsers such as:
        • Internet ExplorerMicrosoft EdgeMozilla FirefoxChromeOperaSafari
        Software used for browsing websites, i.e. an Internet browser, usually allows for storing cookies on the User’s terminal equipment by default. The Website Users can change the settings in relation to this issue. An Internet browser enables deleting Cookies. It is also possible to automatically block Cookies. Detailed information on this topic can be found in the “Help” tab or in documentation used by the User of an Internet browser.If the User does not wish to receive Cookies, they may change the settings in their internet browser. However, disabling Cookies necessary for authentication processes, security or maintaining User preferences may make it difficult, and in extreme cases also prevent using the Website.

      In case of any questions or comments in relation to the processing of personal data on the Website or in connection with the related services you can contact the data administrator