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About us

We are a listed company with 30 years of manufacturing experience. Many years of practice have allowed us to gain extensive knowledge in many areas of business, as well as to build modern technological facilities and train excellent staff

“We want to fight hard for customers in the chemical and cosmetics part, transferring the business model from beverages – we do service production for well-known brands and retail chains, but we also create the market.”
Piotr Czachorowski
CEO Krynica vitamin sa
What sets us apart is


Respect for nature

The production process is done with great respect for nature. Among our many environmental efforts is the so-called rePET, which is the use of packaging containing recycled plastics. In our plants, we use electricity from 100% renewable sources.


Business partner support

The synergy achieved by combining the manufacturing base and intellectual potential of our team allows us to bring innovative products to market and provides customer support throughout the implementation process.


Contract manufacturing

We specialize in contract manufacturing for global brands. We offer long and short production runs under strict control at every stage of manufacturing.